Working with Ben has been a great experience. Not only have I learned a lot about my nutritional needs, I have also learned the science and application of a stress free, optimal diet.

Before I even started working with him he asked me many questions in relation to my current lifestyle, training, supplementation, and diet, so that he could start with a baseline for my individual needs (something some coaches disregard). My food intake and macronutrients were monitored very closely and adjusted every week based on the progress I had been making.

More importantly, Ben helped me have a better relationship with food, as he endorses a nutritional philosophy where the individual can have much greater flexibility in the food that they eat whilst making great progress.

Because of this I was finally able to finally enjoy the food I was eating whilst making great improvements in body composition and getting stronger in my main lifts.

Not only was he able to apply his expertise very well, his eclectic and vast knowledge in training and nutrition kept me reassured when ever I was in doubt (which was hardly ever).

If you want a coach who genuinely cares about his client’s progress, is able to objectively analyse and identify your dietary and training needs to achieve your body composition goals based on real, applicable science that is headache free and all with plenty of flexibility, then Ben is someone I would highly recommend!

Mehrad – Writer and Trainer

Ben’s intuitive yet extremely precise and calculated approach to coaching was exactly what I needed to achieve my fitness goals. I was surprised by how well he understood my needs and adapted to my preferences and personality.

With Ben’s help, I became more aware of weight fluctuations and fat loss patterns, more attentive to how macronutrient intake influences energy levels, and more efficient in the gym, due to an improved workout schedule.

The results we achieved can be measured by what I lost: numbers on the scale and clothing sizes.

But, for me, the qualitative indicators of success are far more relevant. What I gained throughout the coaching process was greater awareness, healthier habits, a more balanced and relaxed attitude towards diet and exercise, as well as a more positive mind-set.

Do you need a fitness coach? Of course you can work alone to achieve your goals. But if you want focused guidance to real progress and measurable results, while effortlessly enjoying a balanced and healthy lifestyle, I wholeheartedly recommend Ben’s coaching.



I had a deadline to lose as much fat as possible in a 6 week time frame for a vacation.

I’ve been training for years and generally I know what I’m doing when it comes to diet – I can tell others what to do and get them great results but when it comes to myself, I often second guess things and over analyze the process so much that I end up spinning my wheels.

Having Ben design my program took my emotions out of the process and just let me focus on following through with the designated plan.

He was extremely quick to get my plan created (not some generic B.S. template designed to quickly send out to random clients) and really opened my eyes to some new ways of approaching a fat loss diet.

Ben was always quick to answer any of my silly questions and go in to detail on certain subjects when I needed a better understanding of why things were set up the way they were. I absolutely loved the process and feel like I got extremely great results in a relatively short period of time. I leaned out significantly, dropping 9 lbs of fat and not losing an ounce of strength in the process.

Most of all, I feel like I really learned about some valuable fat loss techniques that I can continue to use in the future.

Ben is an intelligent dude and he walks the walk by having a sick physique, but he’s also super humble and he actually cared about getting me my results, this is not something to be overlooked when choosing someone to work with!


Having Ben coach me was one of the best things that ever happened for me. My aim initially was to tone up but later my focus turned to competing in bodybuilding competitions which Ben was fully equipped to help me work towards.

Before I met Ben I was under eating and knew little about weight training. Ben taught to me, however, that by actually eating a lot more and pairing it with a training plan that was specially built for me, I could achieve my dream physique.

Over time, Ben carefully raised my calorific intake so that I was eating more than ever whilst remaining lean and gaining muscle. Whilst working towards improvements, he also taught me about correct nutrition and being able to enjoy my food still without going off track. The training plans he gave me were challenging but enjoyable which definitely contributed to my consistency in following everything he set me.

I was consistently happy with the results Ben got me, it was like he learnt exactly how my body was working by paying great attention to my weight fluctuations and weekly progress pictures. He made the appropriate adjustments weekly to my diet or training to make sure I was getting the optimum result.

Starting off like any other female with next to no muscle and shapeless, with Ben’s help I was able to step on stage 10 months later and take two Top 5 wins at bikini competitions.

Above all I felt thoroughly looked after by Ben. I had the presence of mind that whenever I had an issue about anything, Ben was only an email away and he would reply back quickly with an excellent answer.


I had been training consistently for a number of years whilst maintaining a decent diet and had made good progress, reaching a fairly lean 102kg with a good overall strength, while still being able to function athletically. I decided that I wanted to get leaner and in order to do this I needed to properly dial in my diet. However as I am a student I required some flexibility in order to enjoy myself and not become a social recluse. Ben provided me with a tailored diet and training plan that allowed me to increase my explosive strength and improve my body composition. Ben also changed my plan to suit any changes in my day to day schedule, allowing it to become not just a diet but a maintainable life style change. In order to fully reach your potential you need to have a plan based on both short and long term goals as such I recommend Ben to help achieve them.

Bryan McMahon

I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for Ben’s training program. I’ve been athletic for years, but have never seen any actual tangible results from all of my efforts.

After 16 weeks, I lost right around 19 lbs and began seeing definition in loads of places where there hadn’t any been before. I think I was the most excited to see my stomach beginning to tone up. In fact, I actually had to buy a couple of new pairs of pants by the end of the program.

While you still have to put in the actual work to get the results, Ben is a terrific motivator with a wealth of knowledge to help you stay on track. What impressed me most about his program was his philosophy of teaching us why and how his recommendations worked so that we could apply that knowledge to our future goals.

While I’m certainly no expert after 16 weeks, I feel at least competent as far as being able to choose the right kind of diet to support my fitness goals, as well as to help friends and family with theirs.

Understanding fitness and nutrition can be overwhelmingly complex, but having Ben as a coach will give you the tools you need to make progress toward your fitness goals!


I take the gym pretty seriously and hate ‘faffing about’ when I’m there. I like my workouts to be fun, efficient, and above all effective – effective in enhancing my level of strength and overall fitness. For that they only need one thing: to be intelligently-written.

That’s when Ben comes in. I’ve been working with Ben for a few months now and would recommend his services to anyone.

He’s great at what he does. That’s because, in addition to creating fantastic lifting programs – programs catered to one’s individual preferences and goals, Ben offers guidance to allow one to ride over any and all obstacles that undoubtedly show up on one’s journey. This is important, in my eyes, because a ‘holistic’ approach underpins the success of most health and fitness goals.

It’s not just about what you do at the gym at the end of the day, it’s about what you do the rest of your 23 hours. And Ben is there throughout it all, with you, to make sure you achieve your goals and when you get there? You keep on climbing higher.

Anna – Creator of Protein Pow!

As the founder of Fitocracy, one of my most important jobs is promoting the best of the best of fitness professionals – those that have the most power to change lives – while weeding out the charlatans. I’ve promoted Ben repeatedly and voluntarily, because he’s one of the most knowledgeable, effective fitness pros in the industry. I would put my full trust in his fitness expertise.

Richard  – Writer and Trainer