Use online coaching to achieve your fitness goals

Consultations designed for you and your lifestyle

Never worked with an online coach before?

Just fill out a coaching application

We’ll arrange a consultation where we go over your application and look at what’s holding you back right now. I’ll analyse your current diet, training, and understand your lifestyle to plan out the best way to achieve your goals.

I will craft your new diet and training around your life and the stuff that’s important – your work, your family and friends, your passions. I will help you make lasting changes that will enable you to feel better and look better.

My approach is based on proven research and experience, but I will adapt it to your needs. I will teach you how to build lasting habits that will allow you to handle every difficulty that life throws at you. You’ll learn how to be flexible and enjoy all the things that you used to enjoy while still making progress.

I am here to facilitate your transformation not to motivate you. I will help you succeed at your current level of motivation. That means I only want to work with you if you're seriously committed to change.

Everything you need from a personal trainer and more

  • Access any time

    Send me an email any time, any day of the week and I’ll respond.

  • Unlimited support

    I will be here to help you break through plateaus and deal with potential problems. I will adapt your plan to handle changes to your lifestyle and unexpected issues that life throws at you.

  • Anywhere in the world

    Business trips and holidays don’t have to stop you reaching your goals.

  • Personal log with daily monitoring

    I’ll be able to see your updates live and respond with comments or adjustments.

  • Training analysis

    I will analyse your form and advise you on technique when you need it.

  • Lifestyle advice

    Learn how to handle social events, deal with difficult situations, and make training and dieting fit into your lifestyle. Overcome the nerves, fear, and anxiety that are holding you back.

Coaching is about more than just training

Learn how to apply scientific knowledge and real-life experience

My background is scientific research. I base my approach on solid, proven science, and rigorous analysis. I will never ask you to do anything I haven’t done myself, I have experimented and refined many different diet and training protocols and techniques to bring you the most effective approach possible.

Get clear and actionable advice just for you

I don’t write generic templates or one-size-fits-all approaches. I use your feedback to learn more about you and how to adjust your plan for the best results possible.

Make sustainable changes

I will help you build habits that will allow you to maintain the positive changes you've made and to continue with your diet and training after you finish working with me. You won’t be left helpless, depending on advice from other people.

Have a coach that cares about you and your results

You have my personal attention. I’m here to provide you with a better standard of coaching, with honesty and integrity, but without the ego. I’m also here to help you on your journey. If something unexpected happens that threatens to derail your progress, I’ll be there to help you through it!

You can develop the skills you need

When I started training I was 23 years old and I weighed 140lbs. At a height of 6 feet I was severely underweight, I lacked confidence in my physical appearance and I suffered from severe depression. My background is pure mathematics, so I applied those skills to learn about the science of training and nutrition: I wanted to get results quickly and efficiently, I didn't want to waste any more time!

I went through a phase where I was completely obsessed with training and nutrition, it took over my whole life. I used to believe that it was 100% or nothing - success or failure, with nothing in-between. Then I realised that although I'd transformed my body, I still hadn't transformed my thoughts. I needed to be mentally and emotionally healthy, not just physically healthy!

You don't need to sacrifice to achieve your goals. I've learnt how to transform and maintain my physique, stay healthy and free from injury, and enjoy the rest of my life. I want to use my experience to coach you and help you do that too.

I take the gym pretty seriously and hate ‘faffing about’ when I’m there. I like my workouts to be fun, efficient, and above all effective – effective in enhancing my level of strength and overall fitness. For that they only need one thing: to be intelligently-written. That’s when Ben comes in. I’ve been working with Ben for a few months now and would recommend his services to anyone. He’s great at what he does. That’s because, in addition to creating fantastic lifting programs – programs catered to one’s individual preferences and goals, Ben offers guidance to allow one to ride over any and all obstacles that undoubtedly show up on one’s journey. This is important, in my eyes, because a ‘holistic’ approach underpins the success of most health and fitness goals. It’s not just about what you do at the gym at the end of the day, it’s about what you do the rest of your 23 hours. And Ben is there throughout it all, with you, to make sure you achieve your goals and when you get there? You keep on climbing higher.

Anna Sward
Protein Pow

As the founder of Fitocracy, one of my most important jobs is promoting the best of the best of fitness professionals – those that have the most power to change lives – while weeding out the charlatans. I’ve promoted Ben repeatedly and voluntarily, because he’s one of the most knowledgeable, effective fitness pros in the industry. I would put my full trust in his fitness expertise.

Richard Talens

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t you just give me a diet and training plan to follow on my own?

No. Making the right adjustments is a critical part of any diet or training plan, if you don’t want me to guide you through each step then this is not for you.


Will you give me a meal plan?

No. I will help you craft your own individual meal plans with a custom meal planning tool that I have designed for you. I will monitor your meal plans and give you feedback as necessary. If you rely on me to write your meal plans, you won’t learn how to plan for yourself. More importantly, you won’t be able to handle eating out or be able to make adjustments when things don’t go exactly as you planned. That’s not sustainable.

Will I still be able to eat food I enjoy?

Yes! You will learn how to diet flexibly, I won’t be restricting your diet or telling you to cut out carbs, eat Paleo, or any other nonsense.

Arrange a consultation

Just fill out a coaching application

  • Just need your general location, not your exact address.
  • It can be fat loss, muscle gain, transformation, etc.
  • Tell me about your training experience (how many years), your current strength stats on major lifts, and a sample of your current routine.
  • Tell me about your current activity levels including your job, leisure activities, and anything else you currently do for exercise.
  • Are you following any particular diet currently? What does a few days of diet look like for you? Do you have any food allergies or intolerances?
    If you answered 'some but not all,' please explain in the last box at the bottom.